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$149.00 RESA-PRO Members ONLY

Only RESA Approved Instructors may offer the "Staging To Sell What Every Agent Should Know" course and offer continuing education credits to agents that attend. Requirements vary by state. If your application is rejected, you will receive a full refund of your RESA Approved Instructor application fee.  Upon purchase, you will receive the application. Complete the applications and fax in to RESA HQ. Fees charged by the state will not be refunded by the state.
Include with your application:
  • Your resume, showing public speaking experience.
  • Professional bio or one sheet
  • A speaker demo. If you don’t have one, set up a webcam or video camera and give a 15 minute monologue on the subject of staging. The monologue should be as if you were teaching directly to agents. You may choose to do your monologue on how an agent can change their listing presentation script by adding in home staging or explaining the benefits of home staging to an agent.

Note: You may be required to audit 2-3 classes with an approved instructor and co-teach 1-2 classes before you are able to teach the class on your own.

Step 1 Become a RESA-PRO click here for details
Step 2 Buy this application
Step 3 Fax application and supplemental documents RESA HQ 916 273 7736, email speaker demo
Step 4 RESA will either approve or deny your application, if we deny your application we will refund your RESA instructor fee
Step 5 Once approved, RESA will submit your information to the state. You may be required to fill out a state application and pay the state fee. If the state denies your application we can refund your RESA instructor fee. The state will not refund their fee.
Step 6 After you are approved purchase the Staging To Sell What Every Agent Should Know Course. If you purchase this course prior to being approved, if you are denied as an instructor this fee will not be refunded.
Step 7 You will attend an online training webinar for instructors.

Approved Instructor FOR CREDITS not available in IL, MA, MD, NY, PA, SC, UT, WI Some Canadian Provinces do not have continuing education for agents.

Income Generator:
The "Staging To Sell What Every Agent Should Know" courses are designed to help you market home staging in your local area. As a RESA Approved Instructor, you will be able to provide agents with continuing education credits. The goal is to get new clients through your presentation (Staging To Sell What Every Agent Should Know), and educate real estate agents on your local level. You may also charge a small fee to attend the workshop. Fees typically increase attendance, as people tend not to cancel if they have paid. Serve a quick lunch of your choice and conduct an amazing workshop. Purchase the Staging To Sell What Every Agent Should Know Course

* Compliance per state is required and will be monitored by RESA. All compliance rules will be provided to instructor and are not hard to follow. Failure to comply will result in revocation of instructors approved status. A $149.00 initial sign-up fee is all it takes to get started. Each year, there will be a renewal fee of  $99.00 to retain your approved instructor status with RESA and any additional state fees. Approved instructor status includes, all updates to the "Staging To Sell What Every Agent Should Know" course and the ability to continue to offer continuing education credits for agents that attend your workshop.  Must maintain RESA membership in order to offer continuing education credits.

Compliance: Adhere to rules on "advertising" credits; turn paperwork in on time; purchase of the "Staging To Sell What Every Agent Should Know" course.

Minimum one year in business as a full-time home stager with previous speaking experience required. Must be a RESA-PRO.


RESA's Staging to Sell 3 hour MCE class has been a valuable tool in Dallas to create greater visibility and credibility for our profession. Realtors are required to have a specific number of hours in order to maintain their licenses. Most of the courses they have to take are dry and dull so when they have the opportunity to take a class like Staging to Sell they are genuinely delighted to not only learn something new, but to also have fun doing so!  Having taught this over several years it's been gratifying to see more and more hands raise in class when I ask " How many of you have used a stager before?" We've seen a very large increase in just the last year which means the message is getting out!
The best way to build your own professional visibility and credibility is to become the local authority in your area. There is no better way to do this than by teaching a class where a  Realtor can receive credit. I encourage all stagers to improve their local profile by providing the RESA Staging to Sell class. You will become the "face" of staging in your area and a reliable resource for all Realtors.




Karen Eubank

Eubank Staging & Design


The course is approved for credits in the following states:

CT 3 Hours
CO 3 Hours
FL 3 Hours
GA 3 Hours
IA 3 Hours
NJ 1 Hour
NC 4 Hours
NH 3 Hours
MO 3 Hours
OH 3 Hours
OR 3 Hours
TX 3 Hours
TN 3 Hours
WA 3 Hours

If you do not see your state listed, please contact Shell Brodnax at 888-201-8687 x 1. To see about getting the course approved in your area. 

If you are already an approved instructor in your state by your states DRE, you MAY NOT offer continuing education credits for "Staging To Sell What Every Agent Should Know" course unless you are approved by RESA.