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  • Training course must be written by someone that has had a staging business for 3 yrs or more or 4 yrs in a business in a related field or experience that justifies qualifications.






  • Instructors of the program must have had their own staging business for 2 or more years
  • Instructors must be aware of regional trends or laws specific to the areas they are training


Administrative Policies

  • Courses must accommodate changing geographic market changes when needed
  • An email confirmation of enrollment and class locations and times must be sent to all registrants
  • Receipts must be provided to all registrants
  • To be in compliance with all local, state, provincial and federal laws
  • To be in compliance with all local, state, provincial and federal insurance requirements
  • To have a quality control and complaint process
  • To have a process for Trainers to provide feedback on course information to the training company
  • Must have a refund policy clearly noted on their website or general information page
  • Must be taught in a comfortable setting where education and learning is capable of taking place.


Online courses:

  • Must be a member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Have a clearly defined contact information page as well as refund policies
  • Must meet all the administrative policies above that apply


How courses are advertised:

  • Can’t use “get rich quick” verbiage on website or marketing materials
  • Training must clearly meet advertised course objectives
  • Claims of “employment” must have full disclosure and an outlined plan