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Nina Doiron

What To Consider When Preparing To Sell Your Home
By Nina Doiron
Posted on 3/15/2016 2:46 PM

The first thing to consider when selling your home is to hire a really great realtor.  The 2nd thing would be for either you or your really great realtor to hire a really great home stager….ok, all kidding aside.


Selling your home can be one of the most stressful things you’ll encounter.  Particularly if you’ve been living in it for a long time and have a lot of sentimental feelings about the house and neighbourhood.


Here are some things to consider when preparing to sell your home:


  • Disengage yourself from it

This means that you will have to address the sentimental feelings and then pack them all away.  After all, you’ve made the decision to move so now you need to think ahead, not look back.  Disengaging yourself means that you need to depersonalize your home.  Remove personal photos and mementos.  Buyers don’t want to walk into a home a feel like their invading someone else’s space.  Depersonalizing your home will help them to see themselves there instead.


  • De-clutter

I can’t say enough about this.  We all accumulate things and let them pile up, but when selling your home, you need to get rid of most of these things so that buyers can see the home’s full potential.  If you have a lot of oversized furniture, I recommend you rent a storage unit.  They’ll deliver it to your house, you can load it up and then they’ll take it away and store it for you until you move to your new home.  Removing oversized and unnecessary pieces of furniture can make your home feel more spacious and that’s what you want buyers to see.  You want them to feel that the house is just the right size for their family and belongings.  I recommend that you de-clutter at least 30%-50% of what you have.  This goes for every room, every shelf and every cupboard.  And don’t forget the all-important garage for the dads.


  • Clean up

Clean up and dust.  Fix anything that needs minor repairs like door hinges or small nicks on the wall.  If it’s been a while, I also recommend a fresh coat of paint throughout.  Select neutral warm colours to help buyers see that no matter what furnishings they have, it’ll work with this place.  Leave blinds and shutters open and let the natural light filter through the house.  Before you leave your home every morning, tidy up every room and make the beds.  Put all personal items away from every countertop, especially bathrooms.  No one wants to see your hairbrush or toothbrush lying about.  If possible, display some fresh flowers in the kitchen and dining room table.  Fresh flowers can give any room a welcoming feel.  Last but not least, make sure that your home smells fresh.  Hide away some room deodorizer and give each room a spray before you leave.  You don’t want your buyers to smell what you had for dinner last night or your hockey gear right?  First impression is everything.


  • Check your curb appeal

Tidy up your garden and cut back on any overgrowth.  During the listing period, you should be cutting your lawn at least once per week during the summer months.  Fix and cracks in the driveway and walkway to ensure safety for all potential buyers and visitors.  Add new fresh annuals to the front of your house to give it that extra welcoming feel.  In the winter, ensure that your walkway is shoveled and salted.  You want potential buyers to be able to safely and easily access your house.  Add an urn with a planter of seasonal plants and evergreens during the winter months.


If you don’t have the time or know where to start, hire a professional home stager.  They’ll make sure that your home will be ready to sell.


Give me a call if you need any advice to get started.