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A Simply Staged Home
Newton, MA
57 Metacomet Road
Newton, MA,  02468
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As far back as I can remember, I have always loved arranging spaces-constantly moving furniture around the house or repainting a room. I carefully chose every detail and in many instances re-used what was on hand in different ways to bring new life to a room or space. Friends and family turned to me for advice and encouraged me to start my own business. 

What I provide is really very simple...a good eye,  impeccable attention to detail and an  an innate sense of what works! I understand balance, scale and proportion; a natural organizer, I am a firm believer that an organized, simplistic home translates to a organized, simplistic life. It's important to feel a sense of peace and calm when you come home. These traits, along with an avid interest in real estate, have made staging a great fit for me.


On a personal level, I have engaged in multiple real estate transactions and remodelling projects ranging from modest to complete raze and reconstructions. Having been on both sides of the fence, I understand time management and what buyers are looking for. I realize the importance of emotional connections buyers make when purchasing a home. This sets me apart from other stagers.


My home staging services have aided multiple sellers in achieving QUICK sales! In 2015, homes that I staged, spent an average of 28 days on the market and sold at 98% of their list prices!  Homes can be "staged" even if you're not planning on moving, often, just by simple changes to help create a comfortable more enjoyable home.


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