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Explore the benefits of membership with the Real Estate Staging Association® 

RESA® is the Only North American Nonprofit Trade Association Trusted by the Home Staging Community Since 2007: Discover the Benefits of a RESA® Membership Today!

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RESA® IS Member FocusED

RESA® is a member-focused 501(c)(6) Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Trade Association, prioritizing the needs and contributions of its staging community. It provides resources, education, and networking opportunities tailored to members' professional growth. The Real Estate Staging Association's commitment to its members is evident in its support systems, ensuring a thriving and supportive environment for all staging professionals.

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Business Insurance
Group Health Insurance
RESA® Buying Group

Enhance Your Home Staging Business with RESA® and Villanova Insurance Partners: Professional Attorney-Drafted Contracts

RESA® has partnered with Villanova Insurance Partners to offer members an exclusive suite of five professional, attorney-drafted contracts specifically designed for the home staging industry. Valued at $2,000, these contracts provide comprehensive legal safeguards to protect and elevate your business, allowing you to focus on creating beautiful spaces. The suite includes:

  • Sub-Contractor Agreement
  • Staging and Accessory Rental Agreement
  • Occupied Staging Services Agreement
  • Vacant Staging Services Agreement
  • Interior Styling Agreement

This partnership enhances the benefits offered by RESA®, providing home stagers with essential legal tools to operate securely and efficiently. By utilizing these contracts, you contribute to the overall professionalism and success of your business. Learn more about this invaluable resource and how it can support your home staging career today.

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Secure Your Home Staging Business with RESA® and Villanova Insurance Partners: Tailored Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

RESA® partners with Villanova Insurance Partners to offer stagers a comprehensive Business Owner's Policy (BOP) specifically tailored to their needs. This specialized insurance solution covers various aspects of a home staging business, including liability, property damage, and more. Stagers enrolled in the RESASure™ program benefit from expert risk management evaluation and access to legal advice from attorneys well-versed in the home staging industry. This collaboration ensures that stagers have the necessary support and protection to navigate their profession's challenges effectively. Safeguard your business against unforeseen circumstances and enhance your operational efficiency with RESA® and Villanova Insurance Partners.

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Affordable Group Health Insurance for Home Stagers: RESA® Partners with Woodforest Insurance Partners

RESA®'s partnership with Woodforest Insurance Partners offers members access to affordable Group Health Insurance plans tailored for the home staging industry. Stagers can now enjoy better rates and comprehensive coverage, enabling them to compete more effectively in their local markets by offering attractive health benefits to their employees. This partnership enhances the overall well-being of stagers' teams and helps businesses attract and retain top talent. By leveraging this offering, RESA® members can create a more competitive and appealing package for prospective employees while ensuring their current team has access to quality healthcare, promoting a healthier and more productive workforce.

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RESA's learning library offers over 200 hours of a wide variety of educational resources for our members that are included in your RESA® membership.. Members enjoy professional development webinars lead by industries professionals and influencers, Ask the Experts Webinars, as well as RESA's Podcast Stager Talk™. RESA® has strong relationships with our Accredited Education Providers who offer CORE Home Staging Business Education as well as coaching , niche and continuing education. 

Explore Leadership Opportunities with the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA®)

The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA®) offers a variety of leadership opportunities for its members, enabling them to contribute to the industry and the association. Key opportunities include:

  • Local Chapter Leadership
  • Advisory Committees
  • National Board of Directors

These roles allow members to develop leadership skills, build professional networks, and contribute to the growth and success of the home staging industry. For more information, reach out to the VP of Operations for the Real Estate Staging Association, Gina Vierra at

Fostering Community with the Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®)

The Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®) fosters a sense of community among its members through several key initiatives, including:

  • Networking Opportunities: Engage in local chapter meetings where members can connect, share experiences, and build professional relationships. These events bring together home stagers of all levels to learn and grow together.
  • Online Community: Participate in our online platform for members to engage in discussions, seek advice, and support one another. This online community allows for continuous interaction and camaraderie among members.

Join RESA® to experience a supportive community dedicated to professional growth and collaboration in the home staging industry.

Maximize Savings and Profits with the RESA® Buying Group

The RESA® Buying Group offers significant advantages to its members by leveraging collective purchasing power. Home stagers can access lower prices and special deals from top wholesale vendors, often surpassing standard designer or wholesale pricing.

Members benefit from increased profits, immediate returns on investment, and exclusive closeouts.

Additionally, the RESA Buying Group provides year-round access to dedicated account representatives and ongoing engagement through educational content and special offers.

This program is designed to support stagers in sourcing inventory cost-effectively, ultimately boosting their business's profitability. Join the RESA® Buying Group as soon as you sign up for a RESA® Membership to enhance your business’s financial success.

Recognizing Excellence with RESA®'s Prestigious Peer-Voted Awards

RESA® pioneered the use of a peer-voted system in the home staging industry, setting a high standard for prestigious awards. This blind voting process by members highlights talent and professional integrity within the staging community. The awards celebrate individual achievements and collective advancement, recognizing innovative strides annually. Categories include:

  • Staging and Interior Styling: Honoring exceptional accomplishments in staging and interior styling.
  • Leadership and Legends: Paying tribute to those with exceptional leadership qualities or lasting contributions to the industry.

RESA®'s commitment to recognizing excellence in all aspects of staging is evident in these awards, celebrating both individual talent and collaborative progress. Join RESA® to be part of a community that values and honors your contributions to the home staging industry.

Experience the Largest Annual Home Staging Convention: RESACON®

RESACON® is the largest annual convention for the home staging industry, held every July in Las Vegas, Nevada. RESA® brings together home stagers, designers, and their teams for unparalleled networking, educational sessions, and focused breakout sessions. Keynote speakers, including industry leaders, discuss vital topics such as branding, business growth, and market trends. Attendees can participate in breakout sessions covering all relevant topics, including:

  • Pricing Strategies
  • AI-Driven Marketing
  • Managing Remote Teams
  • Strategies for Exponential Business Growth

These sessions offer comprehensive insights and tools to enhance your staging business. Join RESACON® to stay ahead of industry trends, learn from experts, and network with peers to elevate your home staging business to new heights.

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Exclusive Discounts and Benefits for RESA® Members through Industry Collaborations

RESA® collaborates with industry resources to provide exclusive discounts and benefits to its members. By partnering with various companies and service providers, RESA® offers valuable savings on products, services, and educational opportunities. These partnerships enhance members' professional development and success in the home staging industry. Join RESA® to take advantage of these exclusive benefits and elevate your staging business.

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Industry Focused: Leading with Unity and Integrity

RESA® is dedicated to leading the real estate staging industry with unity and integrity, advancing excellence and professionalism to make staging a standard process in selling real estate. We achieve this by being at the forefront of leadership, setting standards, and self-regulating for home stagers who aim to create a paradigm shift in how people see, think, and perceive home staging as a profession.

RESA® offers an array of business tools, access to education, peer-to-peer support, networking opportunities, events, and leadership roles for home stagers who seek to learn, grow, and achieve their aspirations while transforming the way real estate is sold.

Want to join the movement? Become a part of RESA® today and contribute to shaping the future of the home staging industry.

Self Regulation
Consumer Outreach

The Importance of Self-Regulation in Home Staging

Self-regulation is key to establishing and maintaining high professional standards within the home staging industry. By adhering to the code of ethics and best practices set forth by RESA®, home stagers can ensure their work meets quality and ethical benchmarks. This builds trust with clients and other industry stakeholders. An industry that self-regulates is perceived as more credible and trustworthy.

RESA®'s role in promoting ethical practices and professional development helps home stagers gain recognition and respect in the real estate market. Clients are more likely to hire stagers who are part of a recognized association with established standards, enhancing the credibility and success of their businesses.

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RESA®: The Unified Voice for Home Stagers

RESA® serves as the unified voice for home stagers, representing their interests at the broader industry level. This includes developing beneficial policies and addressing profession-specific challenges. By providing representation, RESA® ensures that the concerns and needs of home stagers are effectively communicated and addressed. This collective voice elevates the profession, promotes best practices, and fosters industry growth and trust.

Through RESA®, home stagers gain a platform to influence industry standards and policies, contributing to a more robust and self-regulated industry. Join RESA® to be part of a unified effort to advance the home staging profession.

RESA® Consumer Outreach: Educating the Public on the Benefits of Home Staging

RESA® provides consumer outreach through various initiatives aimed at educating and engaging the public about the benefits of home staging. One key resource is the "Consumer’s Guide to Real Estate Staging™," a comprehensive material that helps consumers understand the value and process of staging. RESA® also collects statistics highlighting the benefits of staging.

Additionally, RESA® offers a Continuing Education (CE) Course for Real Estate Agents called "Staging to Sell, What Every Agent Should Know" This course, part of the largest network of MCE real estate staging instructors in the industry, is exclusively taught by RESA® Approved Instructors™. Some states even offer MCE credits for this course, further enhancing its value.

Join RESA® to access these educational resources and help elevate the standards and understanding of home staging within the real estate industry.

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Ready to Elevate Your Home Staging Career?

Join RESA® today and become part of a community dedicated to advancing the home staging industry. Gain access to exclusive resources, professional development opportunities, and a network of like-minded professionals.


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