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Accreditation and CE Provider Programs by

Real Estate Staging Association

(for Education Providers)

The RESA Accreditation and CE Provider Programs are a quality assurance process under which a real estate staging education provider or school has submitted their course materials and operations to be examined by an independent third-party, RESA, to determine if applicable standards are met. Should the educational provider meet the RESA standards, the provider receives an accredited status for CORE Education and Approved Provider status for CE Education from RESA. 

The Real Estate Staging Association®, RESA®, is the trade association for stagers. Members are dedicated to advancing professionalism, excellence, and legitimacy in the home staging and redesign industry. Self-regulation is an important component of RESA® and the real estate staging industry. RESA has developed a legitimate accreditation program for real estate staging education providers. RESA reviews the provider's policies, procedures, class materials and fiscal soundness in order to ensure that the provider meets or exceeds RESA's industry standards.


To review Staging Education provider programs as well as administrative procedures to ensure they meet a standard of educational requirements determined by RESA. 

Our goal is to
 follow the guidelines set forth by the United States Department of Education and dedicated to ensuring quality education in real estate staging.


Standards of RESA Accreditation and CE Provider Programs 

  • RESA verifies that real estate staging courses meet the RESA established standards.
  • RESA assists prospective students in identifying acceptable real estate staging courses.
  • RESA creates goals for self-improvement of weaker programs and stimulating a general raising of standards among real estate staging courses.
  • RESA involves real estate staging course owners and staff comprehensively in course evaluation and planning.
  • RESA establishes criteria for professional certification.
  • RESA ensures that real estate staging courses that are designed to teach agents how to stage will be prohibited.

Benefits to Providers:

Providers will be able to use the Accredited by Real Estate Staging Association® Logo or RESA Approved CE ProviderTM  Logo in the marketing of their program.  


Consumers (people wanting to start a staging business) will look for this accreditation and recognize that RESA Accredited and Approved CE Providers have been extensively reviewed by and accredited by RESA. RESA is a non-profit independent neutral third party accrediting agency.


Benefits to Consumers:

Consumers will feel confident knowing their education provider has undergone extensive scrutiny in order to receive status of accreditation. In addition, consumers will know that education providers are voluntarily participating in the accreditation program. 

RESA Accreditation Program Information Packet
Download the Total Packet here
RESA CE Provider Information Packet
Download the Total Packet here