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Why Professional Home Stagers Belong to RESA®

The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA®) is the trade association for professional real estate stagers. RESA® is a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt non-profit trade association.

Join the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA®)

Modern House Staging Why join RESA 

"RESA® serves as the central pillar of our industry, and my association with this organization has been instrumental in shaping my career and values as a real estate stager. The Real Estate Staging Association® provides a vital community for collaboration and networking within the staging industry, allowing me to connect with fellow professionals who share my passion. Additionally, RESA® offers valuable resources and tools that help me stay current with industry trends, market dynamics, and best practices. This ongoing education is essential in a field that is constantly evolving, ensuring that I can continue to offer innovative and effective staging solutions to my clients. By aligning with RESA®, I not only enhance my own professional growth but also contribute to the overall advancement and recognition of staging as a vital component of the real estate process."

Sarah Waterfield
Modern House Staging

Jelena Tosic Why Stagers need RESA

"JT Designs' dedication to excellence and ethical practice in home staging resonates perfectly with the standards set by RESA®. Our alliance with the Real Estate Staging Association® not only boosts our credibility but also enriches our expertise through collaborative learning and industry advocacy. This partnership ensures we stay at the forefront of the industry, delivering top-notch services to our clients and advocating for the immense value staging brings to the real estate market."

Jelena Tosic

JT Designs

Prestige Home Staging Designs RESA Member 

"First of all I am so grateful that there is RESA®! I had the privilege of attending RESACON 2023 in Las Vegas and that in itself opened my eyes to many possibilities. All of what the Real Estate Staging Association is all about really aligns with my professional goals, because there is a myriad of resource within the community! I get to network with different stagers all around North America, and within the membership portal, there is so much valuable information and help to keep growing myself and my business. I also like the fact that I am not alone, and that we are all creating spaces in our own unique way and are willing to help each other out when it’s needed."

Charisse Lain

Prestige Home Staging Designs

Susie Passons why become a RESA Member as a stager 

"As a member of RESA® for the last five years, I have learned how to grow a business with confidence because of the resources and people associated with the organization. I find the relationships with other stagers to be invaluable. This can feel like an isolating industry, but through the Real Estate Staging Association® I have so many colleagues that I actually consider friends. We bounce ideas off one another, refer one another, and genuinely try to help one another grow and succeed."

Susie Passons

SP Design

Flourish Interiors why join RESA membership for stagers 

"Being a part of RESA® serves our team and in equal measure serves our clients. Because of our membership we are regularly updated on market trends, industry regulations and best practice methodologies, as well as helpful tips and tricks. In turn, our membership also benefits our clients: via our membership in this professional organization, they know they are hiring a reputable, and high caliber staging expert."

Vanessa Smith
Flourish Interiors

Pure Home Studio why join RESA membership for stagers 

"I set high goals for my business when it comes to design, professionalism, and responsiveness. Being a member of RESA® and taking part in the training the organization provides helps me keep up to date with industry practices. The Real Estate Staging Association® also lends credibility to my business and raises the bar for the industry as a whole."

Arianna Valcarcel

Pure Home Studio