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Professional Stager Course - 3-Day Property Staging Consultants™ Staging Course

Mission: To employ in-depth staging analysis and consultations designed to realize the greatest possible sales price for every property you improve!

Property Staging Consultants™ 3-Day Professional Stager course consists of practical hands-on experience and extensive analysis and application of current staging trends and methods. During the course, you’ll become familiar with staging techniques, marketing formulas, statistical breakdowns, business planning, design tips, furniture placement, building inventory, pricing and much more. You’ll benefit directly from our years of staging know-how based on staging statistics and real-life experience in the staging, design and real estate industries.

Register now: Begin your successful career!

This in-depth Property Staging Consultants training will enable you to:

  • Create and price inventory.
  • Introduce the powerful concepts of “redesign.”
  • Peel back the layers of the property to reveal its true sales potential.
  • Stage properties based on a client’s budget.
  • Network with Real Estate Professionals in your area to boost referrals.
  • Create a Property Consultation Report®.
  • Create Proposals, Contracts & Agreements.
  • Give more effective presentations.
  • Identify and obtain sponsors.
  • Maintain staged properties in a ready-to-sell state.
  • Educate Real Estate Professionals and homeowners in the benefits of staging.
  • Implement the FIVE Key elements to achieve maximum results.
  • Introduce the techniques used to achieve a fully staged property.
  • Discover additional income opportunities.
  • Effectively market a staged property.
  • Market your business for maximum income.
  • Create a Business Plan and set Business Goals.
  • Differentiate between Design, Redesign, Decorating and Staging.
  • Put the power of statistics to work in your staging business.
  • Learn the crucial contributions of lighting, furniture placement and sightline angles.
  • Learn the latest color trends of 2007-2008.
  • Learn about liability issues in the industry.