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What is Zoom Casa?


Zoom Casa is a concierge platform for home sellers. We offer painless home renovation and staging solutions with no cash out of pocket to ensure your home sells for top dollar, faster.


1.We enable stagers to offer their clients staging payable out of escrow with no cash out of pocket, as well offer complementary renovations, such as paint and flooring, depending on your market.


2.We work with professional real estate agents to offer home sellers renovation and staging services with no cash out of pocket via our Zoom Casa Partners.

No Cash Out of Pocket

Offer homeowners your professional staging services with no cash out of pocket - 100% of the cost is deferred until their home sells. Upsell painlessly.
Approval In Seconds

Zoom Casa's proprietary underwriting takes minutes and is painless for your clients. We make a decision instantly so you can close a deal with certainty.
Zero Cost to You

We pay you your full fee without discount in certified funds. No delay, no receivables, no credit risk. Just more sales and instant payments.

How Can You Work With Zoom Casa?

There are TWO ways you can work with Zoom Casa. 

Receiving Leads from Zoom Casa

Since Zoom Casa is a real estate concierge service. Our clients are real estate agents who want to hire vendors to help them prepare their listings for sale. We work with our approved vendors to obtain bids for services such as repairs, upgrades and staging. 

Zoom Casa will refer a project to a vetted stager on our platform. The stager will visit the property and creates a bid for services, then submits the bid to Zoom Casa. Zoom Casa will then present the bid to our client. 

When the client elects to accept the bid, the stager is paid in full in advance for up to six months worth of services and Zoom Casa gets reimbursed out of escrow. 
Defer Your Clients Payment Out of Escrow and You Get Paid Upfront

Have you ever been asked to take payment out of escrow?  Would you love to be able to do it, but you don't want the risk? 

If you have a client who wants to defer your staging fees to pay out of escrow, then Zoom Casa can help. 

Conduct your business as you normally do with your client. Offer them a bid with your fee and what the fee would be if deferred to pay out of escrow.  When the client elects to defer payment, simply submit your project to Zoom Casa for approval. Once approved, you will be paid in full, prior to staging and Zoom Casa will get reimbursed out of escrow. ZERO risk to you!