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RESA® Has Different Membership Levels

Please read all levels of membership to decide which level you qualify for.

Home Stager or Re-Designer Membership (Individual Membership)

Home Stager of Re-Designer Membership is $130.00 USD for 1-year membership | 18-month membership for Canadians due to the exchange rate This membership is available to any home stager, decorator or re-designer.

NOTE: You do not have to be in business for more than a year. You do not have to take any classes or have any designations to join RESA®.  This membership level is also for staging assistants. 

RESA-PRO® Membership and Designation (Individual Membership)

RESA-PRO® Membership and Designation Initial Sign Up $235.00 USD | Existing Members and Renewals $190.00 USD - 1-year | 18-month membership for Canadians due to the exchange rate

The RESA-PRO® designation will give professional stagers additional credibility by providing a higher level of ethics and practices. 

RESA-PRO designees are eligible to:

+ Apply to become a RESA Approved Instructor, teaching the RESA MCE Program to real estate agents.
+ Take part in the Over List Price Club.

The following 6 mandatory requirements must be met:

  1. Must pass the ethics exam. Study material is provided. Open book, online exam.
  2. Must agree to follow the RESA® Code of Ethics. RESA-PROs are not allowed to use stock photos on their website or marketing materials. 
  3. A minimum of 1-year in business, as a professional home stager (proof by either a Business License, LLC, CORP, or Legal  Partnership)  *or have worked for a RESA-PRO for a minimum of two-years.
  4. Proof of home staging business insurance  
  5. Business checking account 
  6. A completed profile on the RESA directory 
* Documentation of business structure, insurance, business checking account and website and marketing materials must be maintained by your employer. 


The RESA® Ethics class and exam is an extremely important factor in raising the bar for the home staging industry.  RESA-PRO is the only designation governed and regulated by the Real Estate Staging Association®.  RESA® ensures that RESA-PRO™ designees uphold the highest ethical standards possible.

  • The RESA-PRO® Ethics Exam is 20 questions.
  • You need a minimum score of 80% in order to pass.
  • You may refer to the RESA-PRO® Ethics Class PDF file when taking the exam.
  • You have 45 minutes to take the exam.
  • The class is online and will be emailed to you upon signing up for this membership level.


Current RESA® members have the opportunity to earn to the RESA-PRO® Designation for $190.00 USD. Email to convert your existing membership and test for RESA-PRO®.


Real Estate Agent Membership (Individual Membership)

Real Estate Agent Membership $130.00 USD 1-year of membership. This membership level is for any real estate agent that would like to be a member of RESA.

Local Affiliate

Local Affiliate Membership is $130.00 USD for 1-year membership This is for a local affiliate member. Member will have full voting rights within RESA, have the ability to serve on the local chapter board. Member will not be added to the membership directory. Examples: Photographers, Mortgage Lenders, Organizers, Title Reps, Furniture Rental Local Reps. 

*Local affiliate membership does not denote a national corporate partnership with RESA. If you want to promote your business to RESA members on a national level contact Gina Vierra at 888-201-8687 x 5.


I placed the RESA® Logo on my portfolio and other marketing materials. A prospective client noticed it and asked about RESA®. I explained. She had liked my portfolio and after knowing that I am a member of RESA®, She closed my book. At the end of our meeting I got the job! I think it confirmed what the pictures of my work told her. I am a professional.

Leslie Godbold
Ashville Stagers


Once you join RESA® you are given immediate  access to the website. There are no refunds after you join RESA®.

A® does not sell or trade your contact information.



Code of Ethics

RESA® takes pride in our memberships Code of Ethics. A strong Code of Ethics not only protects our members, it also protects the consumer. Click to read our Code of Ethics

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